Northland Axemen's Association Inc


The following are a set of new rules to be brought into use for pinning axes heads.

  • (1) These rules apply to wooden, metal and any other form of wedge used for securing an axe head.
  • (2) Tension pins must be applied in such a manner as to include the axe head, axe handle and wedge.
  • (3) Two tension pins shall be used. See diagram.
  • (4) Only tension pins shall be used. Wire nails etc. no longer
  • (5) The tension pin shall be in diameter and be longer than
    the total thickness of the axe head.
  • (6) Bore a hole through head, wedge, and handle and drive
    pin through to extend either side of axe head. Sufficient pin should extend either side to allow grinding off. Grinding off helps secure the pin. Do not drive pin through un-­‐bored wooden wedge or handle as it will cause splitting.
  • (7) Once driven from an axe head a new pin must be used as they loose their tension with use.
  • (8) Prior to all chopping meetings, competitors shall all have their axes including riggers, inspected by the referee/ring steward before they can compete.
  • (9) It shall be incumbent on the individual to have his/her axes inspected by the named official.
  • (10) The inspecting official shall keep a written record of all competitors on the day and the result of the inspection. Faulty gear should be noted.
  • (11) A new record should be started for each new day of competition.
  • (12) All non comforming axes must be removed from the ring before competition commences.
  • (13) Any competitor found using an illegally pinned or wedged axe should be immediately barred from further competition and the matter immediately referred to the controlling Centre.

(14) Penalties for breaches of above regulations will be reworked and the $40-­‐00 fine in place at present should be enforced and reports made to the controlling Centre.


Rules #8 through #14 shall become effective immediately (17 November onwards)

The rules in total will become effective from Saturday 3rd. December 2011.

This will give all member time to comply. Pins are available from bolt suppliers such as Blacks and cost very little.

These rules are subject to change but are in response to a serious accident at the Christchurch A&P Show. Some are at the insistence of OSH. Some devised after testing done and recommendations made by Eddie Fawcett and some are plain common sense.

They have been compiled after talks with SAA Centres and the President of the NZAA

Martin Mason President